• Our Factory produces the full range of devices.

    For over 10 years, selling over 10,000pcs / Year of screen devices. To OEM and ODM customers worldwide.

  • Semi-Automatic Steel Press

    Skilled Workmanship to craft every corner and edge.

  • Pre-Build parts for turnkey production.

    X-Ray skeleton units stocked ready for assembly.

Small Parcel

Small Parcel x-ray scanner, offers small, efficient use of limited space. Ideal for schools, businesses, events.

Small Baggage

Small Baggage scanner detection with a tiny footprint, models with a single or Dual generator models.

Small Cargo

Small Cargo airport x-ray scanner, suitable also for customs, border agencies. Models up to 1M x 1M tunnel.

Large Cargo

Large Cargo baggage scanner perefect for air cargo screening. Impressive 1500mm x 1800mm tunnel opening to handle the large packages.

Project Materials

We can provide you with detailed CAD drawings and 3D BIM assets to better help your project development and product placements.


Company Logos on software, and high-quality product wraps are provided as a standard. This allow device to fit the asphetics of the surroundings.

Full Support

Products run a 48hours OCQ and pre-calibrated. However, long term maintenance and reliability is assured, with spares and accessories remain available for ten years.

The Highest Quality!

We use only the best quality materials and make use of a high-level planning machine; this gives the best quality smooth curves and the most exquisite quality finish.

Safety First
Complete Solution
Quality Parts
Seamless Build
Spare & Accessories

X-Ray Baggage Scanners