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Here are several things we do different

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X-ray scanners, are provided with an out the box working device, we give a 24hour burn in cycle on each unit, with a setup of three units in a triangle arrangment, we let the devices scan a variety of items in a constant loop. Our provided manuals can help you get into the deeper elements of the software, keeping in mind, it is a simple device for operational use, with a low learning curve.

Presales Question?

Considerable effort into understanding your requirement will allow us to give you the perfect solution. With all X-ray scanners there is a large variety suitable for different use cases. We’re happy to guide you to the correct product to meet you and your customers needs.

Warranty Concerns

We only use the best quality components, therefore long term assurance and reliability. We offer as standard our no quibble 2year guarantee. Our factory keeps track of all builds, so we can if ever needed after  years of operation warable parts like belts can easily be supplied.