Oversized Baggage and Packages X-Ray Scanner

Linux system oversized baggage x-ray screening device. 1010 x 803mm tunnel. Threat Image Projection (TIP) Dangerous goods Alarm. Multi-colored real-time visual display.

Large Baggage Screening X-ray scanner

Wheelable monitoring station.


1010mm x 803mm Tunnel


Collection Run Off


Locking stands, rectacts to allow wheel movement.

Product Details

Tunnel 1010 (W) x 803 (H) [mm] • 39.76” (W) x 31.61” (H)
Speed 0.2m/s [0.65ft/s]
Load 200kg [440lb]
Scanning Dual Energy, Single Generator
Length 4350mm[171.25″] – including IN/OUT conveyor belts
Width 1295mm [51″]
Height 1716.5mm [67.57″] – conveyor belt height 341mm [13.4″]
Weight 800kg [1873lbs]
System Embedded Linux OS

Oversized Baggage x-ray scanner.

The XR-0800E provides high-quality image analysis for the screening of large and oversized baggage, supplied with operator console system with a dual 17″ LCD Monitor*, running with Embedded Linux OS.

Standard Functionality

  • 1010mm x 803mm Tunnel.
  • Dual Energy Single X-Ray Generator.
  • Storage for 50,000 images.
  • ASA/ISO 1600 Film Safety.
  • Conveyor Speed 0.2m.s [65ft/s]
  • Standard Two year warranty.
  • Steel Plate Penetration min. 38mm
  • *Monitor options for 19″ 22″ 24″